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The Bluebeards Revenge, Vanguard Shaving Brush, Vegan Friendly Shaving Brush for Traditional Shaving Creams and Soaps, Duo Pack

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  • Vegan Friendlt brush features a dense head of animal free synthetic bristles that give a great shaving experience
  • Helps you to create rich, creamy lathers to barbershop standards. Applying your lather with a shaving brush also helps to exfoliate your skin and soften facial hair for a smoother shave with less irritation.
  • Vegan friendly shaving brush, designed to withstand the wear and tear of busy barbershops. The brush features soft but sturdy bristles.
  • Fast drying bristles and robust resin handle, this durable shaving brush is the perfect addition to any travel or wash bag.
  • Championed by barbers all over the world for its durability. They use it on a daily basis to create traditional wet shaving lathers with ease.

Product Description

Explore The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Range -

Vanguard Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush

This vegan friendly shaving brush offers all the softness and water retaining qualities of a traditional shaving brush, without the use of animal hair. Its soft but sturdy bristles help to exfoliate your skin during a traditional wet shave. The Bristles offer great water retention and dry quickly after use.

Doubloon Synthetic Shaving Brush

Our Doubloon Synthetic Shaving Brush is a great introduction into traditional wet shaving. Its dense head of vegan-friendly bristles and solid birch wood handle make whipping up lathers totally effortless. The Bristles have great water retention and dry quickly after use.

Shaving & Hand Towel

Our durable Shaving/Hand Towel sits great in barbershops and bathrooms alike. Made from cotton and featuring our distinctive skull and crossbones logo, it’s as soft as it is eye-catching. It has compact size of 50x25cm and a 450 GSM which provides a quality feel and great absorption.

Acrylic Shaving Brush Drip Stand

Allows you to display your favourite shaving brush with our no-nonsense Acrylic Drip Stand. This minimalistic stand fits brushes with a neck size up to 21mm and is branded with our iconic skull and crossbones logo – a seal of approval from barbers and serious shavers. It also comes with a fixing pad so you can attach your stand to any surface.

Stainless Steel Lathering Shaving Bowl

Our strong and sturdy Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl is built to last the test of time. With its double-walling and deep depths, it helps to contain even the richest shaving lathers. It features our iconic skull and crossbones logo laser etched into the base.

The Bluebeards Revenge Razors -

Straight Razor - Uses Replaceable Blades, Blades not included

Wet shave the traditional way. With its durable blue handle and well-balanced stainless steel blade holder, this is the razor that's great for beginners and barbers alike. Our replaceable blade Razor fits any standard double edge blade (when halved), removing any need to sweat over the whetstone. Blades are not included with this razor.

Scimitar Double-Edge Safety Razor

Our Scimitar Double-Edge Safety Razor was engineered for one purpose – to smoothly glide through the toughest stubble with just one blade. Finished in a timeless chrome-plating with our iconic skull and crossbones logo, this durable razor is weighted from a brass body to a zinc alloy head.

Cutlass Double-Edge Safety Razor

Finished in a gleaming gunmetal grey, this single-blade razor offers ruggedness from a aluminium body to a zinc alloy head. A robust knurling on the handle and our iconic skull and crossbones logo to complete the look of this durable razor.

About The Bluebeards Revenge -

Established in 2010, The Bluebeards Revenge is a men’s shave, beard, hair and body grooming brand based in the South West of England. From its coastal roots, it has amassed a global appeal thanks to its light-hearted approach to serious skin, beard and hair care. Our mission to provide all-conquering shave, beard, hair and body products to men all over the world is completely pointless if there’s no planet for those guys to live on!

That’s why we believe the responsibility to keep our planet clean belongs to each and every one of us. As a brand, we aim to do our part in shaping a better future, but we’ll need your help to make that a reality… From a focus on making more of our range vegan-friendly to ensuring our use of plastic is responsible, we’re always striving to be better.


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