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The Bluebeards Revenge, Beard and Moustache Scissors in Metallic Blue, for Facial Hair, Beards, Moustache, Nose and Ear Hair

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  • Made from stainless steel and finished with a shiny metallic blue plasma coating to provide a long lasting solution to facial hair grooming
  • Designed with a rounded safety tip to reduce the chance of cuts and nicks
  • These lightweight scissors feature a compact 9cm design that makes them easy to use and maneuverer in tricky to style areas
  • Great for maintaining your beard, moustache, eyebrows, as well as your ear and nose hair
  • These durable styling scissors can be easily slipped inside a pocket for beard and moustache maintenance on the move

Product Description

Facial hair, a great and manly concept… However, one can have too much of a good thing. Hence The Bluebeards Revenge Beard & Moustache scissors are on hand to providing you with the very tool for keeping your facial shrubbery under control… Nice and compact at 9cm long with a pleasing and durable blue plasma coating, you will find them much easier to handle and stow than a pair of garden shears… With health and safety clipboard firmly in hand, The Bluebeards Revenge would like to point out the obvious, please note they are sharp…So please don't use in a negligent manner or under the influence of strong 'lemonade' but just in case we have conveniently designed them to have a 'blunt' tip. For gentlemen of a 'certain age' although beards and mo's are the main target these scissors may also be gainfully employed trimming pesky nasal and eyebrow hair. It comes to us all…

Set Contains:

1 x Pair of The Bluebeards Revenge Beards & Moustache Scissors


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