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Shaving Brushes, JR Black Synthetic Brush Hair Knot with Gun Color Metal Handle Shaving Brushes for Men, Safety Razor, Double Edge Razor, Shaving Razor

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  • ★Hair Style: Synthetic Hair is Typically made from Nylon and Bristles; which will not give off the Smelly Smell
  • ★Handle: Metal Handle makes the Surface Seamless look; this is a durable and good-looking Material that will last for years
  • ★Features: Ideal for use with Safety Razors; Double Edge Razors; Straight Razors and all types of Shaving Razors
  • ★Notice: After daily use, shaving brush should be thoroughly rinsed in warm water and hung to dry in a stand; Do not use with shaving oil
  • ★Warranty: 30 Days free Return or Refund

About us

Our factory established in Hongkong in 1983, and export mainly animal fur used for cosmetic brush,paint brush and shaving brush for further processing by manufacturers in Europe, America, Japan, etc.

In 1989,owing to we are specialized in choosing the best brush material, we established our own factory in Chinese Mainland, and produced customized brush according to customer needs

After several years development, we own advanced technology in resin acrylic,wood,metal materials and crate modern high quality shaving brush、 knife handle, accomplished men production and processing of shaving series products

Finally, we will continuous innovation of our shaving products, become a more competitive, fashionable and comprehensive production and processing plants

How to get the Perfect Shave

1.In order to open the pores and clean the skin, you can use hot water to soften your beard before shaving

2.Soak the shaving brush in shaving oil or shaving cream to make sure the shaving process smother and will protect skin

3.Use shaving cream and then rub for at least 20 seconds to make it blister

4.Use a razor to shave along the direction of the beard. If you shave backwards, the razor will be damaged and the beard may grow into the skin

5.Do not press the razor heavily, otherwise it may cause damage to the razor and irritate the skin. Just slip the razor gently on your face

6.Cleaning your face with cold water after shaving, which will help to shrink the capillaried. It is prohibited the use of any alcoholic products after shaving

7.If you are scratched in shaving, you can use moistened clear stone or lip balm to stop bleeding

8.Finally, please rinse the shaving brush,squeeze the water out and place the shaving brush downward on the shaving rack to dry

Warranty: Our product can be returned or refunded within 30 days. If there are any other issue, please email me immediately


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