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Merkur-Razor Merkur Safety Razor 15C, Chrome

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  • Open comb construction which leads to a very close shave
  • proven quality
  • Stylist approved
  • Item weight: 0.12 pounds
  • Item volume: 2.4 fluid_ounces

MERKUR 15C SAFETY RAZOR Merkur 15c safety razor is a open comb shaver by great value for money. The open comb allows to the blade a suitable cutting for every type of beard, even the toughest resulting aggressive but still balanced. Merkur 15c is a standard 3 pieces safety razor. Sold with a Merkur Super razor blade in the package. Merkur 15c safety razor is available in the long handle version too (Merkur 25c). Length: 8,5 cm, weight: 58 g MERKUR-DOVO. Merkur was born in Solingen, Germany in 1896. The factory name owes its name to the messenger of the gods Hermes Romans. Emil Hermes (not surprisingly) is also the name of company's founder. The first razors constructed by Merkur already presented a safety comb in which was fixed a removable wedge-shaped blade that had to be sharpened regularly. During '900 Merkur patented several blades models and all their safety razors are marked with "Made in Solingen" and "Germany". After Emil Hermes's death in 1957, his family carried forward the business. Over the years Merkur production is still very classic , and for this reason, today all Merkur products on the marketplace always keep the same flavor of the past. In 1996 Dovo, the most famous Merkur customer then, takes over the company itself. In fact Dovo and Merkur still continue today the work with two separated productions while being part of the same company.


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