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Immortal NYC Infuse Mattifying Hair Styling Powder 20 G

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  • Designed for styling all hair types
  • Especially recommended for thin, delicate and voluminous strands
  • hair at the roots and provides spectacular results that last for hours
  • The powder is an ultra light product
  • Making the hair look extremely natural

The powder is an ultra light product that provides an extreme level of styling without sticking or greasy strands. It does not leave visible traces on the hair, making the hair look extremely natural. It stays flexible for hours and is easy to comb. The powder formula facilitates precise application and perfect separation of strands. The powder sticks to the base of the hair, lifting it and providing great fluffiness. Ease of application and styling allows you to achieve surprising results for both long and shorter hair. The powder provides an elegant, matte finish with a natural look. The product is a great alternative to waxes, pastes and gels - it does not burden the strands and thanks to the flexibility of the hairstyle, it enables re-styling at any time. Pleasant scent s a long-lasting feeling of freshness.


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