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Hair Growth Shampoo, Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Natural with Ginger, Thickening anti Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment for Men & Women Thinning & Thickening Hair & Hair Growth, (8.45 Fl Oz)

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  • Do you have frustrated in hair loss and the hairline moving backwards? When your hair less due to hair loss, do you start to have less confidence in your beauty? Are you particularly embarrassed when others make fun of you for having less hair? Do you often suspect that you are no longer young when you find that your hairline is moving back? So from now on, lonstin will help you one by one to fundamentally treat the cause of your hair loss so as to restore your beauty and self-confidence!
  • 💆【To treat hair loss, the scalp is the KEY】– If the scalp is clean,clear and clarified then the hair will grow in healthier and thicker. Our anti-hair loss shampoo contains high-concentration platycladus orientalis leaf extract,which can protect the nerves on the scalp, enhance the metabolic function of hair follicles, strengthen the toughness of the hair, and improve the hair follicles while preventing hair loss. No more fear of hair falling from the comb or the floor!
  • 👱【Treat the hairline, starting from the HAIR GROWTH 】–Receding hairline baldness or hair thinning can all make our confidence take a real hit! Our shampoo for growth hair are riched in Sophora flavescens extract has a good antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp in this scalp hair shampoo. Polygonum multiflorum extract can help grow bright and thick hair, Ginger essence slightly stimulates the hair follicles on the scalp, thereby accelerating the growth of hair.
  • ✔️【Why do we say that our shampoo can make HAIR THICKER?】– That is blue copper peptide. The high-permeability blue copper peptide essence in our natural hair growth shampoo directly acts on the capillaries under the scalp, rejuvenates the cells to increase the number of hair follicles, improves the scalp environment, helps moisturize hair follicles and hair growth. Use for a long time, your healthy and shiny hair will come back.
  • ✨【Magical Effect After 8 Weeks】–Our shampoo with natural ingredient🌿, strong cleaning power and protect hair well. Gentle and not irritate your scalp, even the sensitive scalp can be used with confidence. After use, your hair will not feel extremely dry and can soothe your scalp. To enhance the effect, we recommend that you use lonstin anti-hair loss serum after using this hair shampoo. Please trust our products. Keep using these for more than 8 weeks, you will be surprised to see the changes!

Product Description

More about lonstin

Success & Wisdom are the hallmarks of lonstin. The simple yet atmospheric packaging perfectly shows people's pursuit of high-quality life. We have not only made breakthroughs in packaging, but also have ulterior motives in ingredients. The ingredients of our products are all high-quality and can be used with confidence.


8.45 oz/250 ml

lonstin anti-hair loss shampoo for men or women designed to volumize strengthen,thicken and stimulate natural hair regrowth while providing intense moistue is an ideal solution.

  • Sulfate Free and no harsh chemical formula is great for all hair types
  • Works to prevent hair loss and nourishes thin hair
  • Both men and women use this shampoo with significant results
  • Pure natural herbal extracts gently care for your scalp and hair

Hair Treatment For Hair Loss, Thinning Hair And Hair Growth

Our anti-hair loss shampoos is more effective than ordinary anti-hair loss shampoos. Because we have added a variety of plant herbal extracts to it, and use pure natural substances to help you inhibit hair loss and help hair regeneration. The ingredients are safe and non-irritating, and can be used safely by men and women.

Natural Shampoo For Daily Use

Women And Men Hair Growth Shampoo

The Effect Is Effective After Eight Weeks

Remove Greasy, Itchy & Dry Hair

Thoroughly clean your greasy hair, relieve your itchy scalp, and will not make your hair feel dry and rough after washing.

Regain Healthy & Thick Hair

Long-term use can help increase the volume of hair on the top of your head and hairline. Healthy hair starts when you choose lonstin.

Easy To Comb & Reduce Hair Loss

Never worry about hair loss when combing your hair. Consolidate hair and strengthen hair follicles, believe that lonstin can help you avoid the troubles of hair loss.

Choose lonstin Shampoo Help You Solve Hair Problems

Hair growth shampoo you need:

- From thinning hair to thick hair, it helps you avoid the troubles of thinning hair.

- Prevent hair loss and inhibit hair loss, while enhancing the gloss and toughness of hair.

- Herbal extracts are added to this shampoo, using pure natural ingredients to develop healthy hair.

- Hope our products can bring you results and happiness, wish you a happy life!

Capacity 16.9 fl.Oz/ 500ml 16.9 fl.Oz/ 500ml 16.9 fl.Oz/ 500ml 16.9 fl.Oz/ 500ml 16.9 fl.Oz/ 500ml 10.1 fl.Oz/ 300ml
Application Dandruff hair, itchy scalp and all hair types Oily hair, flat hair, thinning hair and all hair types Dry hair and all hair types Dry, Frizzy, Damaged and All Hair Types Dry skin, sensitive skin and all skin types Dry damaged hair, split ends, hair color treatment and all hair type


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