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Gillette Venus Daily Soothing Serum, Pubic Hair and Skin, 50 Milliliters

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  • Moisturises: Use this soothing moisturizer daily to help reduce itch due to dry skin; Can be used after shaving, as well as between shaves
  • Supports the natural renewal process of the skin's surface with lactic acid to help reduce buildup of dead skin cells, which can help reduce ingrowns
  • Dermatologist and Gynaecologist tested
  • pH Balanced for pubic skin
  • Gentle formulation: This hydrating serum is made without parabens, dyes, fragrances or silicones

Venus's Daily Soothing Serum can be used after you shave to provide soothing moisture to help reduce itch. Can be used between shaves to help maintain skin hydration and smoothness so you're ready to shave whenever you choose. Dermatologist- and gynecologist-tested. pH Balanced. Made without parabens, dyes, fragrance and silicones.


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