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Dry Brushing Body Brush for Rejuvenating Skin – Back Scrubber for Shower – Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage and Minimize Cellulite – 100% Natural Boar Bristles with Detachable Handle – Exfoliating Brush

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  • INVIGORATE AND EXFOLIATE: Add a morning session with this dry brush to your daily routine just before you take a shower, and feel the difference as you rejuvenate your skin with the kind of treatment you could only get at a spa. From feet to shoulders, this body brush helps stimulate your lymph nodes, improve blood flow, eliminate toxins and exfoliate your skin like nothing else can.
  • ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE: This handy back washer for shower comes with a detachable handle as well as a hand strap, giving you complete power and control. Whether you’re using the hand strap to brush your arms and thighs or the ergonomic handle to attack the dead skin on your back, this bath brush is a complete dry skin care solution that enables your skin to get the most from soaps, balms and moisturizers.
  • FIGHT CELLULITE: Even if you’re losing weight, stubborn cellulite can make your skin look its age or beyond. This lymphatic drainage dry body brush can help squash cellulite, break up fascia and smooth your skin so you’ll come out of the shower looking radiant every single time.
  • ALL-NATURAL: With not-too-rough, not-too-soft wild boar’s hair bristles, a solid yet light bamboo brush body and detachable handle, the Rosena dry skin brush ensures you’re not polluting your skin even as you clear it. With no plastics or chemicals of any kind, this body brush for lymphatic drainage and cellulite treatment brings your skin a bevy of benefits.
  • EXFOLIATION SATISFACTION: If you’re not thrilled with how this pre-shower brush energizes your morning or helps you wind down after a long day, we’re right here with a prompt refund or replacement. Dry brushing is one of those things you’ll wonder how you ever lived without; Click Add to Cart to order yours today - and grab one for a gift while you’re at it; your friend, and your skin, will thank you!

Product Description

Has your skin care routine been letting you down?

These days, it could be anything from your favorite moisturizer containing unhealthy ingredients to your skin not receiving the exfoliation it needs to rid itself of the toxins it accumulates day to day.

Now you can help your skin help itself with the Full Body Dry Brush from Rosena!

Home Spa Experience

  • Ultimate Exfoliation: You’d be surprised how much better clearing away dead skin cells can make your skin feel.
  • Increased Blood Flow: Brushing your skin every day draws blood to the area, giving you that radiant glow you’ve been missing.
  • Eliminate Toxins: Clearing away the junk also serves to optimize the performance of your lymphatic system.
  • Fight Cellulite: Daily brushing can squash cellulite and give your skin that softer, smoother look and feel.

Inspiration and Education

To ensure you get the most from your exfoliating brush, we'll give you a guide that shows you exactly how to achieve the greatest benefit to your skin. Follow these recommendations, and you can look forward to revealing fresh, glowing, and smoother skin.

Power and Control

Whether you’re hitting that impossible spot in the middle of your back or you’re giving your feet a solid scrubbing, the Rosena Body Brush has you covered.

Soft, Smooth, Beautiful, Radiant Skin

Flattening cellulite and eliminating toxins makes your legs look and feel better than ever.


Look great, feel better, and thrive!


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