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Dapper Dan Shave Cream, with Sandalwood Fragrance, 1 X 100 Ml

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  • Our premium Shaving Cream can be used with or without a shaving brush
  • Rich in texture with a classic Sandalwood fragrance
  • No added alcohol, free from parabens
  • We recommend you use a brush for the richest lather to be achieved
  • Works well alongside Dapper Dan Aftershave Balm

Product Description

The Dapper Dan Brand - Who are Dapper Dan?

Dapper Dan was founded in England in 2011; born of frustration with less than adequate products available to gentlemen to fulfil their styling needs.

Our products were developed over a ten year period by professionals in the trade, determined to create a unique and compact styling range. In 2012, Dapper Dan Matt Paste was launched and quickly became the most versatile matt styler we had ever experienced.

Since the company was born, we have worked tirelessly over the last near-decade to regularly introduce new products to help fulfil the needs and overcome the ever growing list of challenges faced by the every day gentleman.

Dapper Dan products offer the every day gentleman on an ordinary day the chance to look and achieve an extraordinary style by using our products.

  • Fragrance: Classic Sandalwood

Shave Cream

Rich in texture with a classic Sandalwood fragrance, our premium Shaving Cream can be used with or without a shaving brush, though we recommend you use a brush for the richest lather to be achieved. No added alcohol, free from parabens.

Dapper Dan Matt Paste 100ml

As versatile a styler as they come, Dapper Dan's Matt Paste is the ultimate in versatile hair styling. Whether you're going for a messy style, a quiff, a parting or something completely different, this product has the ability to do it all!

  • Strong, Flexible Hold
  • Smooth and Easy application
  • Washes out easily
  • You will not be disappointed, if you try this, you will never look back.

Dapper Dan Premium Beard Oil 50ml

Dapper Dan Premium Beard Oil is a fantastic blend of essential oils to provide you with a softer, healthier and more nourished beard.

Now in a larger bottle, you can have a healthier, softer and more nourished beard for longer. Perfect for any bathroom cabinet or shelf.

Dapper Dan Ultra Matte Super Hold Clay 100ml

The latest addition to the Dapper Dan Hair Styling range. This super hold clay does exactly what it says on the tin, offering immediate grip and hold combined with a long lasting, "ULTRA MATTE" finish. The fragrance is sweet and subtle, with notes of vanilla and raspberries.

Water soluble to ensure easy removal after the first wash, every time.

Why not browse more of the tinned Dapper Dan Hair Styling Range? The wait to find the product needed for your much sought after style is nearly over..

With a product for every occasion, style, look, feel or hold, Dapper Dan's versatility as a brand is only reinforced by the high-quality products that have been so painstakingly developed for the benefit of every gentleman who has ever struggled to find that special something in their hair styling products.

Give it a try today, you'll be looking Dapper in no time...


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