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Milkman Grooming Co

Cut Throat Razor (Wood Handle)

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If you're the kind of guy who goes straight for the top shelf gear, or you're looking for an upgrade to your cut throat collection, then this baby is right on the money. Here's why this will be your new favourite piece of shaving kit:

1. Gorgeous wooden handle with rich grain for added character.

2. Stainless shaft with a black titanium finish.

3. Screw adjustment to customise the tightness of the swivel.

4. Suits standard razors from major brands like Derby, Astra, Feather & the very woke Gillette.

5. Great balance, with a middle of the range weight to it. Heavy enough to help steady the blade, but not so heavy that it would fatigue a professional barber using it all day.

6. Comes in a branded matte black gift box.


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