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Copper Plated Cold Storage Ethereum Coin Wallet to Store & Redeem Bitcoins, Use Laser Technique to Deeply Etch Wallet ID & Private Key in Form of QR Code on Surface of Bitcoins, Safe from Fire & Flood

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  • Safeguard bitcoins investment with cold storage coins.
  • Physical Ethereum coin wallet bitcoins store all public & private Keys securely on the surface of the hard metal bitcoin surface using the laser techniques in form of QR code.
  • Put blockchain power on your palm. Makes easier to store & redeem bitcoins. Just need to scan the cold storage coins with your phone to add bitcoins to your wallet or take money back from wallet to cold storage bitcoins
  • This bitcoin storage device doesn’t require remembering your public key, private key or other passwords. It’s a secure bitcoin wallet and future to keep your currency safe from the hackers. Even it is not directly connect to any electronic device.
  • Use unique mobile app to transfer bitcoins to wallet and from wallet to cold storage blockchain.

If you are new to crypto, you need to be smart about where you store your cryptocurrency and never leave it vulnerable to an online hack. The hardware wallets like Trezor Bitcoin Wallet have a possibility to get hacked by someone having access to your Hardware Wallet Device. And this is where Cold Storage Coins comes in. Our cold storage coins allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency and provide secured storage and geared towards convenience.

Crafted with fine silver, copper and gold metals, cold storage coins are resistant to corrosion and can survive floods and household fires while with a fear of hardware to fail, KeepKey Bitcoin Hardware Wallet is hard to trust for the optimum results.

Unlike Ledger Hardware Bitcoin Wallet which needs a USB port, you just need to scan the cold storage coins with your phone to add cryptocurrency to your wallet or take money back from wallet to bitcoins. Also, you can use a unique mobile app to transfer cryptocurrency to the wallet.

You need recovery mechanism for the hardware wallets such as Trezor Bitcoin Wallet Black but cold storage coins remove the forgetfulness and human error from the equation as the wallet address and private key are both permanently marked on the coin surface.

Where the devices like Ledger Bitcoin Wallet come with reasonable screen making it difficult for the users to read, cold storage bitcoins have a smart and ergonomic design which makes it easy to carry anywhere and can be kept in small pockets easily.

As compared to Trezor Grey Bitcoin Hardware Wallet, cold storage coins are highly durable incorporating the features like flood-proof, fire-resistant and available the moment you want. Eliminate hot wallet counterparty risk by placing the power of the blockchain in your own hand!


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