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Bearded Smuggler Tobacco Shampoo Conditioner and Oil Set for Men'S Facial Hair Beard Care Grooming Product

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Tobacco Shampoo 125ml Ye be a hardworkin' sea hand used to the harsh whip of weather’s misfortune. lookin' to keep yer beard smooth and swab fer shore weigh anchor. Time to infuse yer beard wit' the strengthenin' and moisturizin' power of our Tobacco Shampoo. Our unique blend of ingredients be sure t' swab yer beard fer a better shine and natural look. Tobacco Conditioner 125ml : Did ye reckon ye we be done wit' jus' shampoo? Get the sea salt out yer ears, ye ole Seadog, and make sure ye add our Tobacco Conditioner to yer swabbin' routine. Ye’ll get all the benefits of a natural feelin', moisturized, and soft beard, along wit' the added smells of sweet tobacco the proud beauties will love. Tobacco Beard Oil 30ml. Get the intoxicatin' smell of exotic spices while moisturizin', repairin', reducin da itchin', and protectin' yer luxurious beard. Use the dropper to apply the desired amount of oil into the palm of one hand. Rub yer palms together 'til 'tis dissolved and then distribute evenly throughout yer beard.


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