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Beard Brush, First Cut Boar Bristles, Shaving Brush Exfoliates Skin - Men to Tame and Soften Your Facial Hair from Sofmild

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  • HIGH QUALITY: The bristles are carefully selected to ensure the right stiffness to get through even the thickest of beards. Brush is built to last.
  • MAKES YOUR BEARD SOFT: The natural bristles carry the natural oils of your skin and facial hair and keep your beard soft and healthy.
  • CLEANSES AND EXFOLIATES: Use the brush to get rid of beard dandruff and impurities.
  • MASSAGES AND EXFOLIATES: Improves Ingrown beard hairs, Reduces Itching and Massages Skin underneath the Beard or Moustache.
  • EASY TO USE: Great for travel. Great for car or office.

The Benefits of Brushing Your Beard

Moisturizing & Moisturizing
The natural oil produced by the scalp can be evenly distributed when the bristles are combed,
increasing the softness of the beard and giving off a healthy luster.

Cleaning & Removing Dandruff
The bristle brush can easily remove dander, dust from the beard and keep the beard clean.
Can easily untie the tangles.

Smooth Styling
Combing once a day can make the bristles stimulate the hair follicles,
make the beard more layered, grow healthier, and have no static electricity.


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